patternmaking Pattern Making

Pattern Making is precision drawing that requires accurate measurement and precise use of proportions, a neat hand, and an ability to imagine the result in 3-dimensions. Pattern making can seem a very dry, dull and mathematical subject at first, until the magic of it starts to work wonders under your fingers, and you realize the infinite possibilities that can be achieved with an extra snip here and another curve there! It is a technical and precision drawing for the development of garments, and essential knowledge for Fashion Designers.

A flat pattern method is a necessary form, which would be difficult to drape on a figure. Basic shapes, such as bodices, sleeves, pants, or skirts are drafted. Drafting is precision drawing on pattern paper, with a set of prescribed measurements for each piece. These patterns, after being tested for accuracy become “blocks” or “sloper” that can be changed or adapted to each new style by moving darts and seams.

Most patternmakers combine flat pattern and draping, using both these methods, depending on the dictates of the individual design, as well as on their technical training and preference.

After the pattern is made on Manila Paper is it laid out on the fabric, traced and cut, to be sewn in to the first sample or prototype. The next step is to test the sample, to fit it, and see the total effect. It is very important to see how the garment fits not only in dress form but also on a model-in-motion. The designer is ultimately his or her own best critic.

Course outline:
•Construct simple garment blocks using pattern techniques.
•Construct personalized pattern and standard blocks for various styles.
•Be able to draft more diverse garments using pattern techniques.
•And be able to draft the right fit and proportion through exact measuring technique.

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