About Style Studio Fashion & Design School

Who We Are - Fashion School Manilla

In the heart of Makati City in the Philippines, Style Studio Fashion & Design School with its warm ambiance, is set up to offer a full range of Fashion Courses for busy urbanites.

With world economies constantly changing there are always opportunities out there. Designing clothing is a practical pastime and a useful hobby, but it can also be the beginning of a route to a new career, and how to be a Fashion Designer.

The teaching style of Fashion School Manilla is simple and down to earth, and the soul of the college is a team of very experienced talented people who are passionate about the ever changing World of Fashion.

Students at Style Studio Fashion & Design School enjoy the personal and individual teaching that is offered by the dynamic individuals and academics that make up the faculty of Fashion School Manilla. With smaller class sizes the lectures are able to nurture and concentrate on each individual.

Style Studio Fashion & Design School has recently expanded to offer courses that suit busy people who particularly need flexibility with their time management. Style studio allows for the regular daytime students, but also offers evening and weekend courses.

The Vision, Mission and Values

The purpose of Style Studio Fashion & Design School is to be able to uplift the technical know-how of the Garment Industry in the Philippines to be able to educate and inspire women and men working in the fashion industry

  • To give a second option to those who are looking for an alternative career in the vibrant and ever changing Fashion Industry
  • To promote the brilliance of Philippine textiles
  • To be creative and innovative
  • To aim for excellence, while always paying close attention to detail
  • To be the best in all that we do; never to be complacent; always open to broadening our skills and improving our creativity; and to be constantly searching for new and exciting idea.
  • To keep an eye out for keying into a worthwhile social cause, because, "through patronage, we wish to give something back to the community and thereby share our success."
  • A Passion for Fashion will get us there!

Style Studio offers the following Fashion Courses

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fashionembellbtn fashionstylingbtn fashionmakeupbtn fashionphotobtn blank
The future is always full of misty hope, but as the impact of fashion takes hold, the clarity on the road ahead becomes increasingly clear. Eventually it is time to open Pandora’s Box and take a leap of faith into the future.

I dream of stamping my own definitive mark on the ever changing and dynamic World of Fashion. In the background to all of this I hope to inspire and instil passion, as well as educate, so that students will be fit to handle the wonderful World of Fashion in their own right.

While being immersed in developing individual ideas and designs, we treasure the tradition and uniqueness of Filipino textiles and local patterns. Further down the road, we see the possibilities of working with this strong ethnic mark with its own Asian style.

In order to feed my own inspiration I need to travel far and wide, to countries where rich ethnic textiles are a feature of deep cultures. This travelling will surely add to my current vision, goals and dreams, and carry us all forward into the ever changing World of Fashion. It is a world that awaits us, and a world I would like to share, a World of Fashion in which I am eager to plunge, and to embrace the challenge !

Divine Grace Paguila
Founder and Fashion Designer